A Look at HDB Info and Housing Options in Singapore

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Every country has its own unique quirks when it comes to housing. This is especially true of public housing projects. Given their public status, they so often come to reflect part of the socio-economic and cultural history of a given country. This type of housing tends to be lower in cost, meaning that it’s also more accessible to those who have the most need. At their best, HDB housing in places like Singapore is an inspirational attempt to lift millions out of poverty and give them the kind of dignity and comfort all human beings deserve. Hereis a quick look at HDB housing in Singapore past and present.

A Brief History and Overview of the HDB

Singapore has historically been one of the biggest trading hubs in Asia, which in turn has made it both incredibly populous and a natural melting pot. As with most cities with huge populations, however, homelessness and substandard living conditions have been a problem. This led to the creation of the Singapore Housing and Development Board in 1960. Over the next decade, it was responsible for the construction of over 147,000units. Throughout the 70s and 80s, that trend continued, in keeping with the patriotism and dedication towards social and racial integration which followed in the wake of the city-state’s independence in 1960. That dedication to public welfare has continued to this day, with various lifts and flats being replaced over time and an overall commitment to improving the housing and standard of living for those in need of low-cost housing.


HDB Rentals Today

Finding quality HDB rentals today, begins with a look at your income. You’re going to want to see if your income matches up with the income levels generally recommended for HD applicants. Thankfully, there are HDB officials and online resources associated with the HDB that can help you.

When searching for housing, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, most notably the cost. When looking up property rental info, you can see how much a month each unit costs, and compare those rates online to help you find the unit that works best for you. You can also check into other basic features, such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms the place has, its general layout, its location, and whom you should talk to in terms of trying to obtain housing there.

One thing that stands out about Singapore’s HBD system is the subject of race. As stated, Singapore is one of the more populous and, in some respects, diverse areas in the region owing to its trade connections. One of the major social objectives since independence in 1960 has been greater racial harmony within Singapore, which has filtered into HDB services. As a result, when you log on to find out Singapore HDB property rental info online, you can check to see whether or not the unit you’re looking at has been specifically designated as saying “All Races Welcome.” These markers can help you find acceptable housing projects, thereby easing some of the stress in your socio-economic situation.

Get the housing help you need with the HDB today.

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