How to Get the Best Rates for Removals

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Moving is something that just about everybody dislikes; the only people who seem to enjoy moving are professional removalists. Luckily, they are readily available and very helpful. You should make sure you hire a removalist company that has a great reputation and delivers a quality service. However, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best rates. Some removalists tend to overcharge because they know that people don’t like to spend too much time looking around for companies. In addition to that, there are certain days or times of the year that are just much more expensive. Here is how to get the best price for your move.


Due to a lot of circumstances, people tend to move the most during the summer. Children are out of school for the summer, so it’s easier to move houses or even move schools if they have to. The weather is also going to be much more amenable to moving. There are several other factors that lead people to move the most during the summer. If you’re looking to move and you’re able to plan it, you should avoid moving during the summer. Due to the increased demand, the best removalists aren’t able to keep up with the work unless they hire more employees or pay their employees more. That leads to more expensive removals. If you’re able to, avoid moving during peak months.

Book in Advance

As stated earlier, there is a lot of demand for good removalists. So, if you find a good removals company, it’s likely that they’re booked up for a long time. To accommodate short-term bookings, they have to hire new or temporary employees that are also in high demand. To make up the added costs of hiring expensive new employees, they have to raise their rates. Therefore, those who book in advance make it much easier for a removals organisation to schedule their labour and their employee needs. Thus, advance pricing tends to be much lower than pricing at the last minute. What qualifies as booking in advance is something that changes depending on which company you ask, but Melbourne furniture removals booked two months in advance typically qualify.

Rates for Removals


Booking during weekdays is another great way to ensure that you’re getting the best possible price. The weekends are the busiest times of the week for removalists. People like to move on the weekend because they’re off work or have time before they have to be back at school. Whatever the case may be, weekends are a busy time for removalists. For all the same reasons stated above, they are forced to charge more money for weekend removals. If you can at all manage it, you should book a move for a weekday. You’ll save considerable amounts of money, and you’ll make it much easier on the removalists.

Moving can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you book at least a few months in advance, move on a weekday, and book during an off-peak month, you could move for a fairly low price.

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