Tips for Reducing a Household Move

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Have you just sold your home, or purchased a new one? This can cause enormous amounts of visible stress and internal stress. Take the advice of professionals and make your move as smooth as possible and eliminate some of the stress associated with a large household move. So often, stress is induced by the fear of the unknown and fear of losing control. Take a deep breath and start with the following:

  • Make lists. Separate your moving tasks into separate categories for household goods, children, pets, doctors, mail, banking and actual moving trip. Once you have established categories, begin to itemize specific tasks within the categories as is relevant for your family.
  • If possible, at least one month prior to the move, begin to sort and purge household items. The less that’s moved, the less that will need to be unpacked and stored. Designate pile for donation and discarding. When a friend or family member asks what they can do to help – ask for assistance in taking items to donation centers.
  • Contact your children’s schools and have all records sent to the new school. Request immunization records from the doctors and have all prescriptions filled and transferred to the pharmacy nearest your new location. Contact your veterinarian and have copies of shots and treatment history.
  • Send change of address notifications to the post office and directly to any magazines you receive. Contact your banker and get assistance in transferring your daily accounts to a local bank nearest your new home.
  • Make arrangements for travel to your new destination. If pets are traveling with you, confirm with the hotel that pets are permitted. Have a tune up and tire check on all cars making the trip. Separate items to be transported in your personal cars in a separate room or closet. Movers tend to be like locust; if items aren’t separated or labeled, they’ll be packed in short order.

Follow these steps for a successful move. Take up offers of assistance from friends and family. You’ll be glad you did. Good luck with your journey and your new home.

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